Round 17 Match Review: Demons v East Perth

Monday, July 30, 2018 - 10:47 AM

It was one hell of a finish at Leederville Oval between East Perth and Perth as the two teams fight it out for a finals position heading towards the end of the 2018 home and away season.

The Royals were on top most of the afternoon before the Demons finished all over the top of them, looking to have the win sealed with a mark and goal to Spencer White.

But the game had one last act to play out and that saw East Perth's Kyle Anderson get forward and take a mark and go back and kick the winning goal after the siren to give the Royals the 12.11 (83) to 11.14 (80) victory.

East Perth kicked three goals to two in the opening term to lead by five points at quarter-time and added another four to three in the second to be leading by 10 points at the long break.

East Perth then took further control in the third stanza kicking the only three goals to be leading by 26 points at the last change.

But it was the Demons finishing full of running and we kicked six goals to one in the first 30 minutes of the last term, going on to snatch the lead after Spencer White marked strongly and converted.

It was a frantic finish when East Perth got the ball into attack, but Kyle Anderson was able to get the mark and kick the winning goal after the siren.

Corey Byrne was tremendous for Perth with 26 possessions and three goals with Laine Wilkins, Spencer White and Michael Bennell kicking two goals too.

Michael Sinclair ended the afternoon with 31 possessions, Brant Colledge 31, Clint Jones 27, Corey Yeo 22 and Laine Wilkins 20.



 11 AUGUST v CLAREMONT TIGERS in the Pyke Cup Round


Goals:  3 - W Maginness 2 - L Ryan 1 - S Hille, K Anderson, N Blee, M Dobson, J Brander, M Allen, H Brayshaw

Best:    O Allen, C Hart, B Miller, P Mcginnity, M Allen

Reports:     J Nelson


Goals:  3 - C Byrne 2 - L Wilkins, S White, M Bennell 1 - C Eyres, C Leggett

Best:   C Byrne, B Colledge, C Giblett,C Jones, M Henderson

Reports:   Nil.