Brant Colledge Claims 2018 Butcher Medal

Saturday, October 6, 2018 - 5:45 PM

Brant Colledge has taken home the Perth Football Club's highest honour, the Butcher Medal, after what was an outstanding season for the Club.

Colledge was successful with 101 votes, beating 2017 Butcher Medallist Captain Clint Jones by a single vote. Jones took home the Runner Up Best & Fairest, with Corey Yeo finishing third on the final leaderboard for the 2018 season.






Butcher Medal: Brant Colledge


 Perth Football Club Best & Fairest


Runner Up Best & Fairest: Clint Jones

Third Place Best & Fairest: Corey Yeo


Vince Pendal Award: Christian Eyres

Best Clubman


 Ron Tucker Memorial Trophy Award: Cody Ninyette & Kristian Cary

Leading Goal Kickers


Redlegs 1% Award: Kristian Cary

Most Sacrificial & Courageous



Jack O'Dea Memorial Trophy: Simon Jenkins

Best Club Person


Doug Buckingham Trophy: Sydney Stack

Most Outstanding Young Talent


Final League Leaderboard

B. COLLEDGE 101 votes
C. JONES 100 votes
C. YEO 98 votes
C. GIBLETT 91 votes
C. BYRNE 88 votes
K. CARY 86 votes
C. LEGGETT 85 votes
J. LEVIEN 80 votes
M. SINCLAIR 79 votes
M. TAYLOR 76 votes


2018 Reserves Awards

Greg Brehaut Medal: Kurtis Chester

Reserves Best & Fairest


Runner Up Best & Fairest: Callum Marshall


 Coaches Award: Braden Piggott

Redlegs 1% Award: Fraser Barns


Final Reserves Leaderboard

K. CHESTER 85 votes
C. MARSHALL 82 votes
B. MCPHAIL 78 votes
S. SMITH 77 votes
C. BENNELL 70 votes
I. BUCKLEY 67 votes
L. MARLIN 67 votes
B. PIGGOTT 65 votes
D. HORAN 64 votes
S. PERKUSICH 63 votes


2018 Colts Awards

 Jack Ensor Medal: Sydney Stack


 Runner Up Best & Fairest: Connor Sing


PP&OA Encouragement Award: Ryan Mally

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