WAFL Match Review Panel Update: Cody Ninyette

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 1:40 PM

Cody Ninyette was reported for rough conduct on Lachlan Martinis, Claremont, during the Round 5 League game between Perth and Claremont at Mineral Resources Park on Saturday, May 4.

Ninyette has received a two match sanction with an early plea.

Based on the available video evidence and a victim impact report, the incident was assessed as careless conduct and high impact to the head. Under the table of penalties the offence was classified as a three match sanction.

An early guilty plea enabled the player to reduce the penalty to a two match sanction.

When speaking with the Perth Football Club earlier this week, Cody expressed his remorse for the tackle and that he doesn't want to be known as that sort of player. Cody spoke with Lachlan Martinis last night, and is glad he is ok with no long term effects.