Kristi Annear resigns from the PFC Board

Friday, October 4, 2019 - 5:24 PM

It is with deep regret the Perth Football Club has accepted the resignation of our Director of Community, Kristi Annear.

Kristi has played an essential role in developing the Club’s community programs, helped attract additional revenue for the Club and has supported the welfare of our players, staff, volunteers and sponsors by introducing the Club to Outside the Locker Room.

Kristi wishes to convey her thanks to those who have supported these initiatives over the last few years, and has issued a statement for public release.

“After 3 years at the Perth Football Club season 2019 will be my last.

PFC has been vital to my development and increase in knowledge of how semi-professional football clubs are managed and, just as importantly, how they are an integral part of the communities they play in. I never imagined how much I’d thrive in this environment and how quickly my passion for football would grow.

I’d like to personally thank Daryle Mann and Marty Atkins for believing in me and giving me the chance to make a difference in this club. Their support over the years has been second to none and to them I will be forever grateful.

I am resigning rather than not re-nominating due to being offered the position of Community Director on another WAFL Club’s Board. The responsibility and freedom given to me in this role is something I am proud to be offered and am looking forward to being part of not only developing their future but also furthering my own career in WA football.

Most importantly thanks to the sponsors for your ongoing commitment to this club, the members and supporters for your passion and unwavering faith in our players and to the staff, you have every challenge thrown at you and you take it on, you make it work and are the reason The Perth Football Club continues to set the standards in football in WA.

I wish the Perth Football Club every success in the future and again, thank you.”

Kristi, thank you for serving on the Perth Football Club’s Board of Directors and for everything you have brought to the Club. We wish you all the best.