Thursday, February 6, 2020 - 12:55 PM

On the back the overwhelmingly positive response to Perth Football Club’s 120-year celebratory logo, the Club decided to undertake a review of our branding elements, including our logo.

As part of that process, the Club engaged one of Australia’s leading brand consultants, Mike Edmonds, co-founder of Meerkats, to define the purpose of the club for 2020 and beyond.

The research undertaken was comprehensive, and included face-to-face interviews with supporters, members, players, sponsors, past players and Board members.

In working through the Club’s purpose, it was realised that nothing unites people like sport, and the Perth Football Club have been doing that since 1899.

The new club creed is ‘Together, we are better,’ It means that when people come together to pursue a worthy quest that truly inspires them, great things can happen. This has been at the heart of who we are for over 120 years.

In light of this, we looked at how we must evolve and adapt in an ever-changing WAFL environment. As the Club launches into a new decade, we are doing so vibrantly, releasing a bold and innovative approach with our branding.

Essential in this new branding was the ability to attract a younger audience to the Club and WAFL competition, while still maintaining a strong attachment to the Club’s heritage.

The Club worked with Anthologie to bring the vision of a bold new brand mark to life. Anthologie Founder and Director Amy Sutton generously supported this project, with Shay Fletcher being the designer who designed the Club's new logos.

The Club’s new primary crest honours the Club’s iconic red sash and traditional shield. With some small modifications, we have created a bold, dynamic form. It is important that we keep out history ever-present. We cannot lose the links to the past, but we must evolve into the future to become the community hub we want to.

The Club is also taking a modern approach by releasing a second mark, pictured below. This will be used on a number of key promotional items throughout the year. 

The confusing connotations of a ‘demon head’ have been replaced with a strong monogram that incorporates the letters of P and D, symbolic of the traditional logos used by AFL and WAFL teams over the years.

Designed again like a shield and paying homage to the Perth Demons moniker, nothing says courage, commitment, sacrifice and passion like this mark.

Over the coming weeks, members and supporters can expect to see these logos being used. More information on this brand evolution will also be released.