Supporting Perth through COVID-19

Friday, March 20, 2020 - 1:31 PM

We have been inundated with messages of support from our members and supporters in what is undeniably a challenging time for our club, the competition and our local and wider community. Everyone at the club is greatful for the ongoing support.

As we navigate the COVID-19 situation, let’s do it TOGETHER.

Here are some ways you can get behind Perth during this time:
1. Support our Partners.
We are supported by major and small businesses, and they need your support. A list of our partners and sponsors is available on our website. We will be sharing their COVID-19 initiatives over the coming days and urge you to shop with them where you can.

2. Sign up as a member!
We don’t know what the coming months will bring, but we know our members are the backbone of our club. Memberships are still open and packs are still going out. You can sign up here.

3. Order some merch - online!
Our Team Store is still open and orders will still be posted. You can place orders here.

4. Make a donation.
You can make a donation through the Team Store, here.

5. Take care of each other.
Our members are loyal and have a great community. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean isolation. Pick up the phone, have a Skype, send a homing pigeon. Stay connected and check in on each other.

6. Support a local business.
Our community needs our local businesses, so shop local where you can.

7. Stay in contact!
We’ll be on the socials and sharing videos from our bunkers.