Friday, March 20, 2020 - 4:15 PM

Members, Sponsors, Players & Coaches and all Demons-at-heart,

You have all read the rolling updates from Governments and Health experts as regards the COVID-19 crisis over the past week.

We at Perth Football Club [and all WAFL Clubs] have also been swamped with multi-updates from the WAFC on health issues, Football issues and crucially - Financial issues over that same week.

In preparation for a mid-week crisis tele-conference of all WAFC Commissioners, WAFC executives, plus Club Presidents and CEOs - the two Vice-Presidents, the General Manager and myself modelled the two most likely outcomes in our view - being a NINE-GAME season [probably starting in August] or a MOTHBALL SEASON of no games.

This work will allow your Board to make decisions to safeguard the Club over the next 3-6 months - in essence, will we have enough cash to survive?

Crucially, the central Financial plank of our Budget - the $500,000 Grant from the WAFC has not yet been confirmed, so we remain in limbo.

This is not acceptable, and all WAFL Presidents are meeting with the WAFC leadership early next week to get a firm answer - we can wait no longer.

Prudently, we have internally taken whatever steps we can for now.

The Club office is closed - but we can be contacted by phone and email. Staff are working remotely, for their protection.

We canvassed all our major Sponsors [our 2nd biggest revenue source] and it makes me proud to say they are all 100% behind the Demons and will honour agreements in full.

Memberships continue to flow in - please sign up yours as soon as possible, as this is vital cashflow also.

Volunteer members are going to be crucial over this next turbulent 3-6 months; we have superb volunteers already, but if you have time and/or skill sets that can help - please contact the General Manager.

Last years Club Legend, Adrian Barich, has already stepped forward to offer his services in the media area.

Good news is like “gold” at the moment - but I can offer this: after our new PFC Headquarters project being stalled for several years, we got a 100% vote at the Town of Victoria Park council meeting this week - on a mandate to start the Club’s new building. A great team effort by project leader Colin Lofts with the able support of new directors Travis Burrows and Carolyn Hall.

Should we have a Mothball season, it occurs to me that the 1959 grandstand could be demolished later this year, with no effect on the football.

Can I finish on this note - opportunity often emerges from crisis; I am certain this crisis will have in its slipstream a re-set of the WAFL as we know it. PFC has survived 120 years by being agile and adaptable, and we will emerge and thrive as a leaner and more efficient Perth Demons.

Please stay safe.

Robert (Bob) Shields


Perth Football Club


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