The Yeo and Masto Show

Hosted by Corey Yeo and Chris Masten, The Yeo and Masto Show will discuss all the latest in Perth Football Club news and what's going on in our local community.

You can listen to the show on the website or through Spotify.

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Corey and Chris are full of banter and some questionable chats this week on The Yeo and Masto Show. Listen in as the boys discuss the big issues: dating apps, Rogers' three match sanction, Sinclair's goal post kick, Corey's morning almond milk latté and their thoughts on everything else that is happening at the Perth Footy Club. Special guest Brady Grey joins the boys in the studio to respond to those "tiny" comments, and might just be the host we've all secretly been waiting for.

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Yeoy and Masto are back and talking all-things Perth Footy Club post-COVID lockdown.

A solid start to the season, Logan McDonald has tongues wagging, Yeoy is way too keen to talk about himself and Masto has a message for Brady Grey.

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Corey and Chris announce the 2020 leadership group, are joined by a special guest and have a chat with the Club's new General Manager, Russ Clark.

Released 20/01/202


Chris and Corey chat with the Duke, discuss the leadership camp and everything that's going on at the Club.

Released 7/02/2020


Join Yeoy and Masto as they launch the first episode of The Yeo and Masto Show.

Released 30/01/2020