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The Lead Up to Round 18: Pre-Match Chats with Duke and Yeoy

Friday, August 9, 2019 - 5:04 PM

Taking it week by week, with a commitment to consistent improvement and building depth have been some of the key focusses of Perth’s senior side this season.

The lead up to Round 18 has been no different.

The group underwent a normal weeks training; focussing on ball movement, skills and decision making, especially with the last entry into the Forward 50.

“Preparation for this match has been good. The boys are confident going into the last few rounds that if we play our best footy and maximise our chances we should be able to reach the goals of the season in some reasonable form,” Captain Corey Yeo stated.

“The leadership group are happy with everyone’s attitudes and are just trying to keep the boys focussed on one game at a time. It’s important not put any undue pressure on ourselves.”

As with most Thursday evenings after training, the Past Players and Officials Association (PP&OA) hosted a pasta meal for the senior playing group.

In special attendance last night was Club Legend Rob Wiley. Wiley spoke to the group about his career at Perth Football Club, playing finals and the importance of reaching your potential through belief.

A strong preparation strategy has positioned the boys to be ready for what lies ahead.

“The mentality of the group is quite switched on and we know if we believe and we make the most of every opportunity we can come away with result we are after,” Yeo commented.

“We just haven’t converted or made the most of the chances we created for ourselves in the last few weeks and are looking to change that."

Senior Coach Earl Spalding furthered this by stating “if we minimise mistakes, continually move the ball how we would like and play to our potential we will be in a good position.”

“The playing group and coaching staff are confident in the ability to deliver the required success and are looking forward to a tough game against the West Coast Eagles WAFL on Saturday.”

Everyone involved at the Perth Football Club acknowledge the anticipation and support of all members, supporters, partners and sponsors.

“We are all very conscious of everyone’s anxiety and eagerness to play finals in 2019. We set ourselves up nicely in the early part of the year and will certainly be doing everything we can to get there,” Spalding said.

You can support Perth this Saturday as we take on the West Coast WAFL side at Mineral Resources Park. All game day details can be found here.