Friday, February 14, 2020 - 4:54 PM

The West Australian Football League’s independent arbitrator has today concluded that Perth Football Club player Cody Leggett is ineligible for transfer to East Fremantle Football Club and that he remains a contracted player at Perth Football Club for the 2020 season, following an arbitration hearing earlier this week.

The basis of the decision was that the player's contract is valid and binding, and that the interests of football would overwhelmingly be served by the player remaining at Perth Football Club.

The Club refused a clearance for him to transfer to East Fremantle Football Club.

In reviewing all the facts, WAFL Arbitrator Mr Brendan Taylor found there was nothing that amounted to a breach of contract by the Perth Football Club. Taylor stated, “the player’s contract is valid and binding. Accordingly, the player is ineligible for transfer.”

Perth President Bob Shields said he was pleased with the Arbitrator’s decision which upheld the integrity of the WAFL. “I know other Clubs are pleased they don’t have to throw away their Player contracts.”

“East Fremantle have shown Perth no respect in pursuing this contracted player for two years, after we told them we would not negotiate.”

“We are extremely proud of our Players and Coaches who insisted we stand firm on this.

“People are aware we have had a tough pre-season, and this dispute has not helped, but it will galvanise us as a Club.”

“Cody has a jumper and teammates waiting for him, he just has to walk through the door to be welcomed home.”