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Post-Season Address from the Club President

Monday, September 21, 2020 - 5:31 PM

Perth Football Club's President, Bob Shields, has released an update following Perth’s first finals appearance since 1997.


Dear Partners, Members and Sponsors,

I doubt if any of us involved at the Perth Football Club would be distraught about the last two weeks of football. We virtually played two finals in the last eight days and our players have been magnificent.

Even in defeat, yesterday they fought like demons. They had a sniff of what finals football is all about, and from my experience when players get that feeling of playing, as Earl said they don’t go backwards – they want more of it.

That was exactly what I found when I got back into Lathlain last night. The players were upbeat. They’d been beaten, but they’d shown great courage, and, as I said, they’d fought like demons.

At least three players came up to me and assured me that no one is going anywhere. Earl had earlier made an emotional handover in the changerooms to Garry Moss, our coach for season 2021. As Earl said, he’s in the back seat now. He’ll be there to mentor and help in any way he can, but Garry takes over as coach.

This is a team that Earl has hand built over the last six years, so obviously he wants to see it through to fruition.  And, it’s an exciting time at the Perth Football Club.

I feel the same way. In effect, I will ask you for another term as President because I want to see the job completed, just like Earl.

The business of Perth is going very well under the savvy leadership of Russell Clark – the job is about 75% done. It’s the same with the football, the next two years are going to be very exciting at Perth.

Like Earl, I certainly want to be part of it. I honestly believe that Perth Football Club is a sleeping giant that is just starting to stir.

Kind regards,


Bob Shields.


“I honestly believe that the Perth Football Club is a sleeping giant that is just starting to stir.” Perth Football...

Posted by Perth Football Club on Monday, September 21, 2020