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Monday, July 5, 2021 - 1:56 PM

The 2021 NAIDOC Round jumper has been proudly desionged by Senior Player, Samuel Stubbs. The story Samuel is telling, shares the story of the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander players at the Perth Football Club.

Samuel and Brady Grey (Aboriginal Engagement Officer) share thier thoughts on NAIDOC Round and the process of desgingin the jumper. 


What does it mean to you to design this NAIDOC Round jumper? 

(SAMUEL) It means a lot to be able to design the NAIDOC Round jumper for the Perth Football Club this season. It is something that I have always wanted to do and to be provided with the opportunity to do it for a club that I am currently playing for was a privilege and something I couldn’t turn down. It means a lot to me as an individual but also my family and our playing group. Being able to have all grades wear the jumper this year (seniors, reserves and colts) is something the club should be proud of. I had a lot of fun and challenges along the way expressing my ideas and turning them into the final product but I am really proud of our design and something I can’t wait to play in.  


How did you come up with the design? 

(BRADY AND SAMUEL) The story behind the design came about through by sitting down and discussing the story we wanted the club to represent this season. The main things that came out of that discussion were; connection to the current 2021 playing group both Indigenous and non-indigenous, representing all stakeholders that are involved with the football club this includes support staff, sponsors, past players, members and providing the opportunity to one of our players to design the artwork. Samuel Stubbs took the lead role in this and came up with a few designs which were then shared with the Indigenous players in the playing group who then decided on the final design. Samuel was able to incorporate his spin on Indigenous artwork, connection to those involved in the club at all levels and connection to our 2021 playing squad and the final design is something all players can’t wait to represent the club in come July 10th.   


How proud are you to be wearing this jumper for NAIDOC Round? 

(SAMUEL AND BRADY) When the fixtures come out at the start of every season the first round we look for is NAIDOC Round and when that will be. We are fortunate this year that we have been able to organise a home and away fixture allowing us to wear the jumper twice. The round provides us with an opportunity to represent our families and our mob on a more public stage. These rounds provide the public and clubs a chance to recognise Indigenous culture within the club and the players involved. All clubs can wear their jumpers with pride and share their unique story whether that be as a club or an individual story. What is even more significant is for Samuel to play in the jumper he designed which is something to be extremely proud of.    

How important is it that we continue to recognise the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders and their contribution to football? 

(SAMUEL AND BRADY) Football is an avenue where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people more often than not feel comfortable. It is an environment where they are able to express themselves playing a game they love and build connections and relationships through AFL football. It is important that we acknowledge the men and women who have gone before us and the battles they had to overcome and the strength they showed to pave the way for us playing the game at the moment. By acknowledging the past, it helps us to continue to take steps in the right direction to allow us to grow not only as a sport but also as a greater community and nation.