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Perth Update Team Song

Thursday, July 22, 2021 - 3:25 PM

Perth Football Club unveiled a refreshed version of the club song over the weekend. 


The revamped radio quality song was produced by Greg Keamy who has worked with such iconic brands as Toyota, Caltex, BP, John Deere and QBE.


The new song was brought to life with vocals from the 2021 playing group actually recorded and mixed into the chorus of the new soundtrack.


Perth Football Club President Bob Shields said Greg Keamy has earned himself a part of PFC history as the person who re-made our traditional Demons anthem and brought it into the 21st-century. This upbeat and refreshed version, (to quote Greg) makes you want to “March on a Small Country! “ 


“Perth players for the past 60 years have enjoyed belting out this song after a victory. Our season 2021 players will know, as it is belted out for the next 60 years, they had an important role in the making of this new rendition.”


The song was first revealed to the playing group last week then to members and guests at the home game Luncheon last Saturday to a hugely positive reception.


Greg Keamy


“ When Bob entrusted me with the updating of the Perth Football club song, I was honoured and humbled by the enormity of the task… the challenge was to maintain the integrity of the song acutely mindful of the rich history & tradition that had been built by the PFC and its players over many decades… while at the same time creating an updated version that would still appeal to past, present and future members. 


The orchestration needed to be passionate and uplifting, with a strong sense of pride and belonging… a war cry to resonate with all generations. I wanted a big sound for a big club, with vocals in the choruses assisted by the players themselves. 


I am truly delighted with the outcome and trust I have played some part in assisting the Perth Football Club towards the next chapter of its journey forward. 

Many thanks to all for the opportunity to work on such a rewarding and exciting project.”