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Call for Life Membership Nominations

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 - 1:38 PM

The Perth Football Club is currently calling for nominations for Life Membership. 

The criteria for Life Membership are as follows:

  1. Nominations must be on a nomination form (available from the Club), signed by the proposer and seconder who both must be current members of the Club.
  2. The nomination must be submitted to the Board by Friday 12th November 2021 and is to be accompanied by a short statement setting out the Nominees record of service to the Club. 
  3. In accordance with Rule 29.1.4 of the Club’s constitution the Board has the absolute discretion in relation to the approval of referrals of nominations to the Annual General Meeting and will take into account the nominee’s contribution to the Club in areas such as playing, coaching, administration and volunteer work. It would ordinarily be expected that a nominee has given at least ten years’ service to the Club before their nomination will be approved by the Board for referral to the Annual General Meeting.
  4. The Board shall not approve referral of a nomination to the Annual General Meeting where the person nominated is not a member.
  5. While Rule 29.1.2 of the constitution states that no more than two persons may be elected as Life Members in any one year, Rule 29.1.3 gives the Board the discretion to approve more referrals if less than the maximum number that could have been elected in a five-year period have been elected.


For further information on Life Memberships, please contact the Club’s Chief Executive Officer, Russ Clark on 9362 4499.