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Arthur Ransted receives Jack O'Dea Memorial Trophy

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - 11:40 AM

Club Stalwart Arthur Ransted has been awarded the Jack O'Dea Memorial Trophy for 2021. 

Arthur Ransted, 89 years old. Has been volunteering at Perth Football Club for over 50 years.

He originally joined the Perth Football Club as the Boot Studder following an invitation from the head trainer. After several years of volunteering in this role, football boots became moulded soles so there were no more spriggs in boots, so Arthur’s role evolved into the Property Manager for PFC, a position he still holds today!

This position included Arthur taking home ALL the players Jumpers and shorts and washing them every week. This also included the trainers gear, towels and blankets. Arthur also made sure all the balls were pumped up for every game.

At present, on a Thursday night the team sheets are given to Arthur where he will set up all the players jumpers and warm up tops ready for the game on Saturday. If it is an away game, he loads up his van, with the help of his family and will be at the venue at 7.30 the next morning with all the gear. 

During the off season, Arthur reconciles all the football jumpers and the equipment to make sure any stock that is needed is acquired prior to pre-season training commencing.

Although Arthur never played football, he continues to love his involvement with Perth Football Club and he is admired by staff and players, both young and old and anyone who has any connections to the club.