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Get to know... Samuel Stubbs

Friday, June 17, 2022 - 11:11 AM

Name: Samuel Stubbs


Nickname/s: Stubbsy, Stubba, SS


What’s a lesson you learnt when playing junior footy that you still use today:

To play the game hard but fair, be loud & demanding when you call for the footy & always have fun.


What 3 people would you invite over for dinner (Dead or Alive): 

Kobe Bryant: because id love to hear him talk about his training, the NBA & his motivation. Patty Mills: because he’s an amazing Aboriginal athlete & so connected to his culture. Jonathon Thurston: because he is the GOAT of Rugby League & he’d bring the jokes & have us all laughing.


What sport would you be playing instead of AFL:

NFL or Bull riding 


Are you into the podcast trend and if so do you have any recommendations:

No I don’t listen to any but I may be starting my own Podcast soon through my socials so stay tuned.


What motivates you to try harder on the field:

Playing for my family, trying to play my best, representing the Jumper I’m wearing & to play for success.


Why did you Start playing AFL: 

I loved the game from as early as I can remember, to have fun & dreamt of playing in the AFL.


If you could live anywhere Else in the world where would it be: 

I’m pretty happy living here in Australia, but I’ll say either America for the sport or somewhere like Bora Bora.


What advise would you give to up and coming junior footballer: 

Have fun, work hard, always try to improve & chase your dreams. 


Does your jumper number have any significance: 

Number 23 started off as a number id wear if I couldn’t wear my family number which is 13. But since playing senior footy 23 has just stuck & it’s a good number. A lot of great sportsmen have worn it like Michael Jordan, Andrew McLeod, Lebron James, Buddy Franklin to name a few.


What is your Least Favorite Training drill: 

Probably have to say Spew Square, it’s an intense drill but it’s worth doing.