Quick Chats with Brant Colledge

Friday, July 5, 2019 - 10:04 AM

As we head into Round 13 v West Perth, caught up with reigning Butcher Medallist Brant Colledge for a quick chat.

Big game against West Perth this weekend. How are you feeling?

Pretty good. It’s always tough heading up to Joondalup, but the guys are feeling prepared and we’re ready for it.

We’ve come a long way as a playing group. What do you think has been key in that?

It’s about continuity as a group. Everyone is getting older and growing. Most of us have been playing together for a while now and we’re going into each game mentally ready.

How do you think the team’s attitude and mental preparation affects the game?

It’s all about being ready and achieving consistency. Younger teams are inconsistent across the four quarters. When you’re mentally prepared we are more able to achieve a consistent four quarters.

What is the team currently working on building?

We’re focussed and committed to growing our consistency across all four quarters. There have been times where we’ll get three, four, even five goals in a row, but then we have also been patchy in parts and that’s seen us struggle to get the results. We are improving, but there is no shying away from needing to continue working on our consistency.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

When I run out I don’t run through the tunnel, I go to the right so I can grab some grass. The whole thing started because I used to use some grippo, but hated the way it felt on my hands. I don't use grippo anymore, but still have the ritual.

As a university student and young professional, how do you balance the pressures of WAFL footy?

I’m definitely getting used to balancing a busy schedule. In my first year of footy in the AFL system it was different as we’d just do one unit a semester and then have footy, but balancing a heavier study load, working and WAFL footy commitments places extra pressure. It was a struggle at the start, but I’ve built a good routine now.

How do you find being involved in a team sport impacts you in the workplace?

As a professional, I find the communication skills you learn as part of a team sport helpful in the workplace. In footy, you have to be able to give and receive constructive feedback. When meeting with clients and working alongside my colleagues these skills are beneficial in effective communication as you can understand other people with different experiences and where they’re coming from.

What can the supporters expect from the boys this weekend and for the rest of the 2019 season?

Working towards that finals spot is obviously the goal. It’s something we haven’t had at the Club in a long time, and we’re all working towards achieving it.

I know the guys, myself included, are thankful for everyone’s support and we’re working to make it to finals for you all.